Joshua Craig Wander is a Florida-based leader within the structured settlement and investment industries. As president of First Sustainable, LLC, a company dedicated to creating financial support for sustainable energy projects, he structures all of the business’ financing. Joshua Craig Wander of Florida joined the company after spending several years as the director of acquisitions at Structured Asset Funding, during which time he oversaw the aggregation, sale, and acquisition of over $2 billion.

In addition to this role, Mr. Wander serves as a managing partner and founder of 777 Partners and as president and founder of SuttonPark Capital. He first established SuttonPark Capital in Florida with the goal of creating a company to aggregate structured settlements and lottery winnings. With Josh at the helm, SuttonPark has grown into the largest structured settlement aggregator in the country and services nearly $1 billion in structured settlement cash flows.

Meanwhile, 777 Partners was created to promote growth among structured settlement, consumer lending, and litigation finance companies. Mr. Wander and his team owns and operates 10 companies under the 777 Partners umbrella.

Outside of work, Joshua Craig Wander shares his business expertise with numerous companies, including Justice Funds, F3EA Funding, and Sky Financial. The University of Florida graduate also supports numerous charitable organizations, such as the Alonzo Mourning Foundation and Mount Sinai Hospital.